Anybody know why the release date of Frank Turner’s Wembley DVD has been pushed back a week?
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You said that I’d let you down, that I’d fucked around
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sh00t-the-dj said: aaarrghhhhh I hate you so much. No offense, just pure jealousy

It’s cool, the feeling is mutual x

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gayartmemer666 said: holy shit you got to play going to pasalacqua with green day are you serious j;aklsdjfasd

Yup! :P x

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Green Day

When I heard that my favourite band were coming to town I instantly became excited. Adding to the excitement was the fact that Green Day were playing a “small” gig: something which I had always wanted to witness. After being successful in purchasing tickets (thanks to joining the idiot club), the idea of seeing Green Day in a few days time hadn’t really sunk in.

Thursday morning arrived, and after a quick trip to help out at school (GCSE results) I rushed home to get ready. About half an hour before leaving the house I had the idea to make a sign for the concert. Having seen Green Day twice before I knew that they were great with crowd participation – especially when it comes towards getting fans on stage. Thanks to GDA, I was also aware that a fan had played Going To Pasalacqua on stage with Green Day before, perhaps in Brazil a few years back: dare I say it, I fancied my chances a bit. Something just felt right about it all. Knowing the song and having already posted a (very sloppy) cover of the song on YouTube, I attached a few sheets of paper to an old box that I had. Pretty DIY, huh? With a sharpie I scribbled “I know how to play Going to Pasalacqua on Guitar”. I was a bit nervous about getting it into the show, so after a lot of sellotape I folded the sign into 4 and made sure that it was small enough for me to stuff down my shorts once inside the venue.

My friend and I arrived outside the venue at 2pm and after quite a wait we collected our wristbands. After a few drinks we returned to the venue with an hour before doors.

Once I had walked through the doors (and got through security, they didn’t seem to mind about my rectangular shaped groin) it finally hit me that I was about to see my favourite live band, in a stupidly small venue. Even before the show had started the crowd were fantastic: everybody was chatting as if they were best friends, yet really they had only merely met the person standing next to them a few moments before. With the Ramones suitably playing over the PA, there certainly was an edge of punk in the atmosphere. I’ll admit here that I had a quick stroll through the chords for Going to Pasalacqua whilst waiting for the band to come on.

Although starting towards the rear of the crowd, as soon as Tré emerged on stage we along with many others were pushed much much closer to the stage. May I say, what I fantastic start to a Green Day show! I don’t think anybody in the crowd expected to hear All by Myself as the first song. For the first part of the set I thought that both Burnout and Letterbomb were performed brilliantly, especially with the snippet of Scattered in Letterbomb. At this point I had already held up my sign and was pretty sure, and hoped to high heaven that Billie had seen it.

Again, I had a feeling about that night. As soon as 2,000 light years came on I thought, wow I really do have a chance here with them playing older material. I had never seen them play anything from 1039/smoothed out slappy hours before in concert, so I would have been more than happy just to hear anything like Dry Ice or Paper Lanterns. After the band had started jamming towards the end of the song I held up the sign again. Billie went off stage and grabbed Blue, and man, I hoped.

It then happened. Without this sounding like a romantic poem, Billie and I made eye contact and I knew that was it.

“Do you know how to play Pasalacqua on Guitar?” “Yes!” “You swear to God?” “Yes!” “Do you really?” “Yeah!” “See the guy with the sign right there? Bring yourself up here”.

Boom. Green Day’s security guard (I don’t know his name, but the big chap who tours with them everywhere) pulled me out of the crowd and plonked me on the stage.

Billie asked me if I knew it, I nodded and for some reason I went straight into the song. I think I started playing so quickly due to the fact that I was scared shitless about messing up the song and making an ass of myself and also because of the huge adrenaline rush that I had got. All my attention went on the first chord: success. As Billie started with the famous “Hereeeeeeee” I knew that I would be okay. The song kicked in and so did my hands. Throughout the first verse I had a very short look up at the crowd. Holy cow, that place is big. I’ll be the first to admit that I forgot a bit of the first pre-chorus, but soon I had it back again. Once we were in the chorus my initial fear of being asked to stop by the band was gone. One of my favourite parts of the song was the bridge between the chorus and the second verse, with a lot of fast palm muting. Before I knew it we were at the instrumental section – which was incredibly fun. Standing next to Jason kept me in time and check for the entirety of the song, and if I ever get the opportunity I will have to thank him profusely for lending such a hand. Playing with Mike and Tré was phenomenal, those guys really are a fantastic foundation for the band.

As the song drew to a close I was overwhelmed with joy – I had done it! I did some weird sort of 360 around half of the stage before looking completely lost. I decided it would be a good idea to do a little bunny hop of a jump at the end of the song. I didn’t fall over, and although it appears quite pathetic on YouTube clips it felt pretty Rock ‘n’ Roll. And that was it. Billie introduced me to the crowd, I high-fived Tré, winked at Mike and left the stage. The next thing to hit me was shock. I remember thinking “Fuck, that was cool” as I left the stage. I spent the rest of the gig standing at the back of the venue by the bar in near complete silence.

A cool thing in addition in addition was the fact that Paramore were there, as were Anti-Flag and the Head editor of Kerrang!.

I performed my favourite song with my favourite band, and I really couldn’t ask for much more if I had tried

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I hate to hate, but this isn’t accurate. He had blonde hair that night. 

I hate to hate, but this isn’t accurate. He had blonde hair that night. 

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rip neil armstong green day will not be the same without you :(

I don’t think his name is Neil…

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Hi everyone

I was lucky enough to play on stage with Green Day the other night at Shepherds Bush.

I was just wondering if anybody got any photos or has seen any photos of me playing with them? I’m trying to document this as much as I can!

If you can help me out, I’d be so very very grateful. Drop me a message if you can


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2000 Light Years Away by Green Day @ Shepherds Bush Empire 23/08/12 (by Matilda1337)

Me on guitar!

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